Biscuits with honey and poppy seeds

Rings with honey biscuits are suitable for breakfast or a snack, but also perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree. Their ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, honey, butter) make them very nutritious and More »

Mashed celeriac cream

The well celeriac cream and a delicate outline suitable for meat dishes very tasty as those based on game for braised meats, stews, duck breasts, roast pheasant, capon, guinea fowl, etc. … More »

Ravioli kamut coasts and bitto

The kamut cereal and a special value that comes from Egypt, forgotten for many years because of the laborious techniques required for its production in recent years has been rediscovered. With kamut More »


The rocher chocolates are delicious from the heart of crunchy toasted almonds: they are a real treat, so much so that one leads to another and you would never eat them. The More »

Rosti light

To prepare Rosti in the traditional way, that Swiss cuisine of the Canton of Bern, we need potatoes, lard (and onions, maybe). Calorie and tasty dish. Take the "philosophy" of Rosti and More »

Sorbet with red fruits

When spring arrives, you always want more fresh food and light: what more suitable if not a dessert sorbet? Perfect to serve after a meal! The sorbet with berries and ideal as More »


Of pizza dough

Of pizza dough Here is a simple and fast way to make the greedy pizza dough suitable for buffet, birthdays, cocktails and parties with friends. The puff pastry pizzas are prepared in a very short time, they are delicious and can be made with different fillings, depending on your taste. Here we have listed some ingredients for farcirle, but nothing prevents you to unleash your imagination and invent other tasty toppings according to your tastes or your guests!

Pizza escarole

Pizza escarole The escarole pizza and a fragrant stuffed pizza, original culinary tradition bell, is often prepared during the Christmas period. There are many variations of this recipe: the most common is that the pizza is stuffed with a filling made of escarole, cooked in a pan together with anchovies, capers and olives.

Zucchini pizza

Zucchini pizza

The zucchini pizzas are ideal for inviting appetizers to be served as an appetizer or finger food appetizers. To make the pizzas will be enough zucchini grilled slices of zucchini and garnish with tomato and mozzarella. A delicious and tasty dish that appeals to children. Ingredients for 12 pizzas Mozzarella 100 gr olive oil to taste Oregano to taste Pepper to taste Salt to taste Tomatoes past 120 gr zucchini small and round 3 (about 200 gr) Preparation To prepare the pizzas started washing the zucchini zucchini, ends removed and cut a slice thickness of 1 cm (1) and set aside.